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I think I am addicted to stilettos...


Yay for Tazo making simple iced tea things!

Also I <3 Starbucks for carrying them.
So I am bored and at work, so what do I do when that happens? Bullshit around on the internet. I had nothing better to do, so I was looking through Dan's friends page, cause they are pretty interesting. What do I find when I'm on there but this... http://www.livejournal.com/users/femme_fatale77/
WHAT?!? There is no real war on Christmas. Conservatives made it up because they are starting to lose power, and they are trying to get people riled up. One thing I feel compelled to mention right off the bat: ALOT OF LIBERALS CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS YOU FUCKING LOSERS! Just because they arent conservative morons doesnt mean that they arent Christian. Nobody is really trying to outlaw Christmas, they are just trying to get their holidays recognized, and yes, Christmas is a holiday. Now, just in case, I looked up Holiday on wikipedia. Here is the link to the entry. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holiday It is plainly a holiday. Get over it.
Also, read this, its wonderful. http://web.sunybroome.edu/bccweekly/xmaswar.html
All of you expect people to bend over backwards for you to not "offend" you. How about everyone else? The people who dont celebrate Christmas? When are our Holidays going to be recognized?
I will say Happy Holidays to everyone. I dont know what holiday they celebrate, and I refuse to play the guessing game. It's ridiculous. Say whatever you want back to me, I dont care. Just dont flip out for me saying Happy Holidays, you're friggin lucky for that.
Ok, where to start, where to start...
1. I never made posts ranting about Bush, solely to be respectful of you. And if I did, it was before you were even on lj, so I'm sorry, that doesnt count. Nice try tho.
2. Who was the one who was there for you when you married Nate? The ONLY one who supported you? Hmm... I believe that was me. Who was the one you talked shit about Nate to when you decided to leave him? I believe that was me also. Who has tried anything to help you whenever you needed it? Once again that was me. So dont try that "you were a shitty friend" thing on me, cause it isnt gonna work.
3. Once again, I am NOT taking sides. I made a simple request that you make entries that belittle my beliefs not open to me. One that if you made to me, I would not have made any objections at all. What you and my friends (you know, the real ones, not the ones who think that my opinions dont matter) say to each other is NONE of my buisness. I solely said what I did because by putting them down for those things, you are putting me down.
4. If I wanted to show off, I would have. I was NOT trying to show off with anything by saying what I did in your lj. Its quite hard to call you when I dont have a number for you. You also could have called me to talk things out instead of replying to my comment raging the way you did. I was respectful enough in what I said the first time to not warrant any of what you said to me. I commented in your lj because I wanted you to know my views and I wanted them to be in the right context. I also im'd you making that request. You made it out to be what you wanted it to be. Thats all on you. Like I said, if I wanted to "show my ass off" I would have made a rant in my own lj going off about my own views. Not only that, it is not my place to tell my friends "dude thats messed up. you should apologise to her." They make their own choices, as do you, and that is NOT something to interfere with.

If you want your things back, it will be around my own convienence. I will let you know when I will have the time and such. Go ahead and get pissed about that one, I dont care. And dont even think about getting the couch back, that was a repayment of a debt. And dont even say it was Elijah's responsibility to pay me that money back. That money was lent to you, and I told you that when it was lent. It's kind of fucked up that whenever you have a problem with me you say give me my stuff back. When you give someone something, it should not be a conditional gift. I honestly shouldnt give you those things back, because they were GIVEN to me, not lent, but I am being the better person here. I am not going to be a huge bitch about such things because that isnt my style.

And before you say anything, you did this to yourself. I never wanted to dissolve our friendship over such trivial things, but I am also not going to keep trying to convince you that I do give a shit about you and that I am a real friend, but think what you want. Just dont ever bring up my religious choices to attempt to put me down like that comment about the wedding again. That is NOT your buisness to do. And feel free to comment. Even sick your friends to comment for you. I really dont care.

So, here is the door of the f-list. Dont let it hit you in the ass on the way out.

Just because I feel like it...

I am going to make this friends only anyway. Anyone on my f-list will remain on there, if you wish to be added, let me know, but anyone I took off the f-list before is gonna stay off, so if I deleted you, you wont be re-added. And if I feel that you dont need to know things I will talk about in my posts, then you wont be added at all. I am making an inventory of people I think should be privy to info and who shouldnt, so as it is it will be.

If I have confused anyone, let me know. I am tired and cranky today, so I can only imagine I dont make any sense.

Nov. 20th, 2005

In your LJ, write 5 things that make you happy (in no particular order) and then tag 5 others to do the same.

1. Home. With Daniel and wishie.
2. My sissie, Lisa
3. Doing Rocky with (mostly) awesome people.
4. Being in school to do something I really care about
5. Having some really fucking awesome friends

I now tag:

Because I am starting to twitch...

Ok, as much as I love drama and gossip, this is turning into bullshit. Stop feuding on my fucking livejournal. Both of you! I will go to friends only and remove people that are doing this, because I am getting tired of it. The situation is done, stop rehashing it out on my lj!
So everyone has been commenting on things lately, and I feel it is my turn.
I am tired of people talking shit about me. You know who you are this time. *cough* Elijah *cough* I just want to say How fucking dare you?!?! I did everything I could to help you when you needed it, stuck up for you at every opportunity, tried as much as I could to be a friend to you, and you tell people I'm a fucking liar? You tell people I've poisioned Dan's mind? You get my own fucking boyfriend to lie to me?!?
Here's the deal. I was getting irritated with the fact that we essentially had a puppy. The two of us couldnt go anywhere without you trying to tag along. I just wanted some fucking time together with him without you constantly breathing down our necks. I never did anything negative to you, and you do this to me?

You and Jen were fucking made for each other.